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  • Posts in This Forum Must Be Manually Approved

    As noted, this forum is NOT setup for regular discussion. Please refrain from posting any responses unless absolutely necessary -- as in to clarify a point or request more contact information. We cannot screen or approve of the quality of any service, contest, offer, etc. listed in this forum. It is up to you to do the research -- "buyer beware."

    If you need to discuss or "add your two cents worth" then please use the appropriate/related forum and reference the post, as need be. Please do not discuss or comment here. This forum is simply for "advertising" services, announcing conferences, podcasts, contests & events, presenting opportunities for collaboration, sharing a news story and so on.

    If you are telling the world about something you are doing personally or are working directly with or for vs. objectively discussing something you are not involved with, then this is the forum it should go in.

    All posts made in this forum must be approved first before they will appear. Please allow a little time for your post to show up.

    Also, if you want individuals to contact you then be sure to include an e-mail address, mailing address and/or phone number in the post as need be. Please do not ask anyone to reply to your post.


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