Which Books Should I Buy on 'Craft of Screenplay / How to Write' Books?



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  • Which Books Should I Buy on 'Craft of Screenplay / How to Write' Books?

    I have Three Books on Screenplay Writing.
    1. Screenplay - Syd Field
    2. Story - Robert Mckee
    3. The Screenwriter's Bible - David Trottier.

    I would like to buy more books from the following list of Two Categories about "Craft Of Screenplay Writing and Rewriting" and "How to Write Screenplay".

    I am confused by amazon reviews stars ratings v/s. amazon sales rank. I want your help to avoid Duplication / Repeatation / Mediocre Books. If you are professional screenwriters or students, you can guide me about final selection for buying following books.


    1 Teach Yourself Screenwriting (Paperback) -by Raymond G. Frensham
    2 A Writer's Roadmap (Paperback) -by Wendell Wellman
    3 Save The Cat! The Last Book on Screenwriting
    You'll Ever Need (Paperback) -by Blake Snyder
    4 How to Write a Selling Screenplay (Paperback) -by Christopher Keane
    5 How to Write a Movie in 21 Days (Paperback) -by Viki King
    6 Moviemind For Screenwriters: Write It Right
    And Get It Written (Paperback) -by W. R. Craig
    7 Could It Be a Movie? : How to Get Your Ideas
    From Out of Your Head and Up On The
    Screen (Paperback) -by Christina Hamlett
    8 How To Write High Structure,High Concept Movies -by Rob Tobin
    9 Power Screenwriting: The 12 Stages of Story Development -by Michael C Walker


    1 Making a Good Script Great (Paperback) -by Linda Seger
    2 Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach (Paperback)-by Paul Joseph Gulino
    3 The Tools of Screenwriting : A Writer's Guide to the Craft and Elements of a Screenplay (Paperback) -by David Howard
    4 The Writer's Guide to Writing Your Screenplay:
    How to Write Great Screenplays for Movies
    and Television (Paperback) -by Cynthia Whitcomb
    5 Writing Screenplays That Sell : The Complete, Step-By-Step Guide for Writing and Selling to (Paperback) -by Michael Hauge
    6 Crafty Screenwriting: Writing Movies That Get Made -by Alex Epstein
    7 Write Screenplays That Sell: The Ackerman Way -by Hal Ackerman
    8 Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434: The Industry's
    Premier Teacher Reveals the Secrets of the
    Successful Screenplay (Paperback)-by Lew Hunter
    9 Writing a Great Movie: Four Advanced Tools for the Dramatist -by Jeff Kitchen (Paperback)
    10 Screenplay: Writing the Picture (Paperback) -by Robin U. Russin,
    William Missouri Downs
    11 Screenwriting Updated: New (and Conventional)
    Ways of Writing for the Screen (Paperback)-by Linda Aronson
    12 Story Sense: A Screenwriter's Guide for Film and Television -by Paul Lucey (Paperback)
    13 Alternative Scriptwriting: Successfully Breaking the Rules, Third Edition (Paperback)by Ken Dancyger, Jeff R
    14 Screenwriting Tricks of the Trade (Paperback) by William Froug

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    Re: Which Books Should I Buy on 'Craft of Screenplay / How to Write' Books?

    Here are some of my recommendations:

    "The Tools of Screenwriting" - David Howard

    "How to Build a Great Screenplay" - David Howard

    (these are the only "craft" books I really recommend, aside from "Story" by McKee, which you already have)

    "The Poetics" - Aristotle

    "The Art of Dramatic Writing" - Lajos Egri (Be careful, though. He's one of those "this is the Truth, period! There is no other way!" types and he writes very persuasively. Allow yourself to disagree with some of his philosophy (whatever doesn't feel right to you) and you'll be fine.)

    "On Writing" - Stephen King

    Terry Rossio's articles and the Indy Pro articles on Wordplay (http://www.wordplayer.com)

    "Hero With a Thousand Faces" - Joseph Campbell

    "The Power of Myth" - Campbell & Moyers

    "Understanding Movies" - Louis Giannetti

    "Film Form" and "The Film Sense" - Eisenstein

    Any of a number of books on the history of film, film theory, film criticism, famous and infamous directors, etc. (too many to list; just go nuts)

    "Adventures in the Screen Trade" and "Which Lie Did I Tell?" - William Goldman (very inspiring)


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      Re: Which Books Should I Buy on 'Craft of Screenplay / How to Write' Books?

      I should mention that, in my opinion, your best screenwriting education will come from watching a sh1tload of movies (from every era), reading every script you can get your hands on, living life to its fullest while paying attention to everything, reading fiction (classic and modern), plays, short stories, non-fiction essays and books, philosophical musings, stream-of-consciousness nonsense, etc. (basically, everything you can get your hands on), and writing till your fingers fall off.