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  • Scenario magazine (?!)

    Any hear anything about them lately?

    I subscribed for two years several years ago, they disappeared soon after, and in a phone call to them in the Summer of '02 revealed that they were coming back. I was told I could have a refund or just get the new issues. I chose the new issues.

    I briefly saw the latest (old) issue in area bookstores a few months after that, giving me hope that they were ready to publish a new issue... but then.... nothing.

    I tried calling a few times recently but can't speak to a live person. Anyone?

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    Who would finance them after they've proven wholly unable to sustain a business?

    Lost cause, my friend.


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      really good magazine while it lasted though.

      a damn shame.


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        But the good news is...

        you can get the first four years of Scenario for a measly $1600 on eBay right now. Holy cow. That's some mark up.


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          What a great magazine... too bad they stopped publishing it. I wish someone with some money would revive it, since it's a great learning resource for writers.

          I saw that ridiculous ebay sale posted here a while ago. I can't believe that they've got the price jacked like that. Last year I got all the back issues through ebay, zshops and bookfinder and in the end I only paid about $300 for all 21 issues.

          The last published issue was Vol 6. #1, featuring the scripts for Training Day, The Wild Bunch, and Boiler Room.