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  • Rebel Without a Crew

    Any one read this? This by Robert Rodriguez its about how he made his first movie for only $7,000. I'm thinking about geting it for my b-day

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    no but

    I would recommend reading Steven Soderbergh's (sp?) book on Sex Lies and Videotape. It takes you through through the processs from script to release.

    and happy birthday!


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      Great Book!

      Yes, I read Rebel Without a Crew and was really inspired by it! I highly recommend it, and you can get it for cheap at

      Note, however, that this book will be more interesting to filmmakers than screenwriters. There's not much about screenwriting in the book, but if you're interested in breaking into filmmaking--particularly "guerrilla filmmaking"--then it's chock-full of interesting and useful info.

      Rodriguez deserves real kudos for his accomplishment and presents a terrific example for aspiring filmmakers.


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        I read it, and while I agree there wasn't much specifically for writers, it's definitely one of my favorite all-time movie books.

        He has a fun writing style and it's a great story of making the film. Definitely worthwhile.


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          thanks everone

          Thank you all for your help I got a copy of the book to day


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            Re: thanks everone

            Yeah, after reading this book it just pumps you up to believe YOU CAN DO IT. Simply put, this book is a great exercise in inspiration.