Have anyone read creating unforgetable characters.



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  • Have anyone read creating unforgetable characters.

    have any read creating characters.I got alot of good reviews.
    on the book that it help you with your characters. I'm thinking of buying it. if you have read it tell me how good it is.

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    You might wanna pick up a book on English grammar and spelling first.


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      To answer your question...yes, it's very good. In fact anything by Linda Segar is good.


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        this is to User

        you need a book called worry about yorself. because that what you need to do. stop worrying about how I write.


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          No, I'm serious ... you need a book on spelling and grammar.


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            Wouldn't it have been better to send her an e-mail in private?


            just a thought, bud.


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              She needs a book on spelling and grammar, "bud." You don't tell her that, you're hurting her chances to improve herself. Could I have PM'ed her? Sure. Is it a big deal that I didn't? Not really.


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                A word to the wise -

                Certain Canadians don't like to be called "bud"

                ...attributed to the Cercis Canadensis, or "red Bud" tree, sometimes also known as the Judas Tree. Paranoid Ontario conservatives tried to have it blacklisted and removed from Canadian soil in the 1950's, due to it being "socialist" and "potentially communistic in nature", and thus a threat to the free forests of South Western Ontario.

                Residents of Toronto came to especially hate it in the mid 1980's when Harold Ballard, conservative owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and staunch anti-communist, publicly held it culpable for the Leafs not winning the Stanley Cup since 1967.

                Toronto Torreys/Leaf fans thus have double reason to rail against being associated with it in any way.

                Out here in BC we're perfectly fine with it.


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                  Ah, Pen ... I love ya.


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                    I was just thinking about this, and I was callous to you in my first post, and although truthful, I could have put it more diplomatically. My apologies.


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                      Christmas spirit, User?

                      Just bustin' your chops.

                      And give me those pancakes, will ya!


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                        I try to suppress the jerk in me, but clearly I'm not always or even often successful. :\


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                          Really, Pencey?

                          In fact anything by Linda Segar is good.
                          I've read a couple Dr. Seger books and for me, the way she writes doesn't mesh with the way I think. It's like she writes in spurts...has an idea...skips to another...jumps...goes back to the first. Then again, it's probably just my dumbness. Anyway, her books are informative, inexpensive, and quick reads. So might as well read it.



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                            Re: Really, Pencey?

                            Gotta say, I'm not a fan of this book either. I own a copy. But then I'm a screenwriting book junkie. Lots of books I love. This isn't one I'd recommend.