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  • Knock Your Block Off and Get Freebies!

    Hiya writers!

    I have just released my latest book, Outwitting Writerâ€TMs Block and Other Problems of the Pen (Lyons Press), and the reviews are phenomenal. I'm kicking off the launch by offering more than $100 worth of freebies to anyone who orders it TODAY, November 19th. Hop on over to and find out all about the book and the bonuses, including free e-books with greeting card markets, markets for freelance writers, an inspirational home-study course, and more. To claim your bonuses, just order the book from anytime until midnight (your time), then forward your receipt to [email protected] and youâ€TMll immediately get all your goodies and my undying appreciation.

    Thanks for reading! Pass along to anyone who might be interested!


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    This sounds GREAT!


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      I bought this a week ago. It's fabulous. Witty and creative.


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        I love you, 32pieces.

        The book just hit #4 on Amazon! I couldn't be happier. 32, I don't mean to penalize anyone who bought the book earlier, so drop me a note at Jenglatzer @ and I'll send you the freebies, too.