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    Scr(i)pt and CS have been my favorites for awhile. Both usually have good articles and CS's columns are excellent. By the time I get to the back of either mag for the sales sections I've already read about them here usually. I have noticed an alarming # of typos in both, Scr(i)pt being the prominent offender. I recognize that the editors are only human but for a writing mag it's inexcusable. Does it make me want to burn the mag on the spot and pi$$ on the ashes? No.

    One mag I am definitely done with for good has to be Fade In. I bought an issue for the first time in the last several months (mostly because the same Jennifer Garner issue was on stands in my area for the last six months or so) and as glossy, chic, "life in H-wood" type mags go I'm sure it has it's following. I however was interested in reading about screenwriting at the time. Silly me. I'll admit, It was very informative in pointing out the hottest new resturaunts, lounges, cigar rooms and resorts to visit, as well as what items you "have to have" this week if you want to stay part of the hip crowd. The usual pesky advertisements for SW software, contests, "the writers store"...etc. were very tasfully replaced by splashy ads for Vodka and big name fashion designers. It did however have a nice one-page interview with Mr. Cohen on his writing career and that was pleasent. Worth $6.95 though? Not quite.


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      Current issue of CS

      I haven't read the entire issue yet (the July issue with a "Pirates of the Caribbean cover), but so far, I haven't come across any typos or grammatical gremlins.

      None crept into my column (making its CS debut) ... although there may be an error of sorts I'm not noticing, since I wrote it.

      The column is called "Our Craft," and the focus of the first series of articles will be on debunking dubious screenwriting advice.

      That may be enough for two years of columns ...

      You find any errors in it, let me know!

      Jeff Newman
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        Re: Current issue of CS

        CS rocks, and regardless of whatever errors you find, just a great mag to read.


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          Re: Current issue of CS

          Creative Screenwriting has always been good, but suddenly, with this new issue, it's dynamite. Meaty, well-written, full of very solid info and terrific articles.

          Any CS staffers on board, well, I'll tell you, I'll up my subscription an extra few years (on top of the two I already have).