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  • Yet Another Scenario Magazine Warning...

    Hi Everyone,

    I've read the other posts on this board about the terrible time that people have had when dealing with Scenario magazine. Despite the fact that the publisher is terrible, I really like the magazine and I wanted to complete my set of back issues.

    Two months ago I ordered nine "in stock" back issues from the publisher. I still haven't received anything. I've tried phoning, faxing, and e-mailing them over two dozen times, and no one has ever acknowledged my order. My credit card was charged the day I made the order, and now I'm just waiting.

    The funny thing is that I acquired all the other issues used, off eBay and newsgroups. It's funny (and sad) that the most unreliable source has been the actual publisher of the magazine.

    At this point, I'd have to warn anyone who wants back issues that you're probably better off dealing with another source for them.

    It's really a shame, since it's such a good magazine. The most recent issue (with the Training Day script) doesn't even have a date on it. I guess they realized that it was ridiculous to print it when this "quarterly" magazine is published so infrequently.