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  • New Biographical Dictionary of Film

    Anyone had a chance to look at David Thomson's volume? He takes a highly personal view of the subject and, though I don't yet own the book, was much amused by it when leafing through it at Borders. offers it at almost half-price.

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    Re: Bio Dic

    I got it out of the library last week and am determined to read every word. I'm enjoying it, learning from it, and am finding his turns of phrase very interesting. I've already added about ten films to my Netflix queue from the book.

    My favorite bit so far, and I'm not sure if he meant it to be funny, but, in Jane Campion's entry the entire (long) first paragraph basically proclaims New Zealand to have a distinct cinematic entity, separate from Australia, and worth the world's attention. Then the first line from the paragraph below begins "After studying film in Australia..."

    I recommend it.