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  • "The Shooting Script" Books by Newmarket Press

    Newmarket Press publishes a series of books called "The Shooting Script" which usually feature interviews with the writer and director in addition to the published script.

    However... It seems to me that the scripts in these books are "too perfect". With the exception of "Magnolia" which is literally a published photocopy of the shooting script, it seems like the scripts have been doctored to remove scenes that were written but didn't make it into the movie. It also seems like the scripts have been changed so they match the movie's dialogue word for word.

    Has anyone else noticed this? It just seems like a ripoff that a book called "The Shooting Script" is actually nothing more than a transcription. In general, that's why I try to avoid published scripts in the first place - I prefer to buy the originals.


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    Shooting Scripts

    Some of the scripts published by that company differ in format. I haven't had too much of a problem although I'd like to get my hands on first drafts of scripts (the script that got sold) which are very rare even in Hollywood.



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      Re: "The Shooting Script" Books by Newmarket Press

      I believe they conform the scripts to match the finished film - which I think is wrong. They should publish the writer's favorite draft, even if it doesn't resemble the finished film at all. If they are publish scripts - they should publish scripts.

      Why not write them?


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        Shooting Scripts

        Hi Bill,

        I agree with your comments, and I have e-mailed someone at Newmarket press. There hasn't been a reply yet, but I'll post if there is one.

        It's especially deceptive since the series is called "The Shooting Script". Like I said, "Magnolia" is a page-for-page photocopy of the actual script, but the others have every single pause, every single "um" and every single word spoken exactly as it was in the film.

        They should include the actual shooting script, because part of the fun of reading a script is seeing what was left in the movie, what was changed, and what was ad-libbed or rewritten at the last minute.

        I just looked at their "American Beauty Shooting Script" book and it starts out with Lester flying over the houses. If I remember correctly, on the commentary Alan Ball said that they shot courtroom scenes, and it started with the kids being on trial for killing him. Since they shot it, then obviously that was "The shooting script" but it's just a scam...



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          Re: Shooting Scripts

          That's true, Bob. I have an early copy of the script which presents the story as we know it framed in a courtroom setting. I bought it a few years back, but it may be available online through one of the many script sites.