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  • Favorite Screenwriting magazine?

    Hey, what's your favorite magazine on screenwriting, and why?

    I currently subscribe to Scr(i)pt, but...well, it's okay, but it ain't great. The WGA magazine generally has one or two good interviews, but little insight into the business or craft. I figure there's never going to be a stage where I can't still learn something new about those things.

    Any recommendations?

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    when the writers digest people focus on screenwriting for an issue, i normally buy it. the way you describe scr(i)pt is the way i feel about creative screenwriting.



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      I don't have a favorite. I check out every one that comes out.

      I wish most of them weren't just bi-monthly!


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        I write for ScreenTalk so I'm biased, but I think it's the best. I read it cover to cover and find lots of useful information even though I graduated from UCLA's screenwriting program.


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          I bought and read ScreenTalk yesterday, after Blue Parrot alerted me to the fact that the contest readers' forum I participated in ages ago is in the current issue. Turns out I'm familiar with just about everybody who writes for it from the various screenwriting websites and lists here on-line. I agree, there's a lot of useful, practical information, which I like.



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            I get 'em all and Creative Screenwriting is far and away the absolute best.

            In my opinion Scr(i)pt Magazine comes next but far far behind Creative Screenwriting.


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              Yeah, I agree. CS is the best. All the others are pretty good too, though. No real stinker in the bunch.


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                Creative Screenwriting within the last year or so have introduced a section known as Production Companies. In this, they approach and interview various companies about what they like/dislike, and whether they accept submissions themselves.

                It's that section I always thumb to first in CS. I like the publication itself though. But to try and get a response from some of the email listed people in it is a true nightmare.


                I'd like CS to do more articles on TV writing. They seems to only probe into it every 6 months or so.


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                  wordhurler - I subscribe to ScreenTalk and enjoy it very much ... even if it does get a bit arid in parts. Also, they've got a good online site, rich in FREE scripts and other interesting articles.

                  Would I renew my subscription? Probably!



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                    Re: ScreenTalk

                    I managed to download 4 free Screentalk copies from their site. This was from a time where they used to give away free copies in PDF format.

                    Not sure they do it now-a-days, but worth a look. And yes, their free scripts are the best on the net.



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                      there are four issues available for free download

                      thanks. I wouldn't have thought to look if you hadn't posted.

                      Good Luck and Good Writing,
                      Jerry W. Hawkins