is there a store for screenwriters in LA county?



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  • is there a store for screenwriters in LA county?

    I dont like to shop online(i had some bad experiences with shopping online)
    there are more books that i would like to purchase, is there a store in Los angeles,Hollywood, Santa Monica, Burbank, ect. that is designed for just screenwriters.
    Sort of like what Samuel French is for Actors and Directors.

    Someone told me about a Screenwriters coffee shop called JavaCity on Sunset blvd in Hollywood.
    This place had coffe and computers but very little books, most of the patrons were internet junkies and wanna-bee actors!

    Thanx VM

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    Samuel French does, of course, have a pretty decent writers section.

    But the Writers Store on Westwood Blvd. is specifically set up for writers. It sells software, books, etc. That might help.


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      Thank You WILL !!!

      Thanks for the info!
      I was just in Westwood too but couldnt get to where I needed to be because of the commotion and set ups for the premiere of that little movie called
      STAR WARS: Episode II


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        Re: Thank You WILL !!!

        The Writers Store is also online-


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          Re: Thank You WILL !!!

          Yes, the Writer's Store, whether in-person or on-line, is the place to go. You get a nice, personalized service, as well.


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            Sam French has a good selection of screenwriting books... ask them what their current top selling title is.

            The Writers Store on Westwood Blvd (closer to Westsied Pavillion on Pico than to Westwood Village) has books, software, and just about everything else.

            For scripts - Book City in Burbank (on San Fernando).

            Cheapest script copies I know of is Color Images in Birbank (2 cents a page, 3 hole, white covers).

            - Bill