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    Does anyone know where I can buy unproduced screenplays?
    And is there a big selection? And Approximate cost per screenplay? Thanks. I am in L.A.

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    Shucks, we're ALL trying to sell unproduced screenplays, assuming you're a producer.



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      i assume you knew i meant the actual physical screenplays, not production rights to them. Please, any assistance would be very helpful.


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        I assume you are asking to obtain/read/buy screenplays that have not been made into films that have been either bought, optioned or shopped around the industry. Yes?

        If so you are not going to find those for sale. First all and as I still understand it, companies aren't legally able to sell off scripts that don't own the rights too. In other words the industry looks the other way on all these copies of scripts being passed around. (Now, I could stand corrected if someone knows of some deal or arrangement made I'm not aware of.)

        As for unproduced stuff, that's an even a bigger "no no." They (studios, etc.) are not going to let scripts like that float around. The only real way to get a copy of material that is unproduced is to get your agent or manager who has access to a nice library of scripts to make a copy for you. Or even a friend or "connection" from a sizable production company that keeps a library of scripts that has been sent to them over the years -- as I had available to me with different companies I worked for, for example.

        In other words, you need insider access for material like that.


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          Thanks. The reason I ask is just because I want to practice doing "coverages" for scripts where I haven't seen the film. (If I've seen the film, I feel I would not truly be practicing the same thing "readers/analysts" do because they are always dealing with unproduced work.) I heard that there are some libraries with them where I can't check the material out but only look at it there; I just wanted a little more convenience. I was under the impression that old, unwanted stuff was going around, because I have seen some at some used bookstores, but I guess I can just go to the libraries I have listed in "Reading for a Living." Thanks.


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            If you live in Hollywood there are zillions of unproduced

            Why not volunteer to read a few scripts written by
            Done Dealers? You can write your coverage and get
            feedback from the screenwriter too.


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              And there's always the ZOE


              Thousands of scripts, so little time.


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                There's a used bookstore in the Valley at the intersection of Lankershim, Vineland, and Camarillo, next to a video store. Look on the bottom shelf of the movie section. I've gotten a few there for the same reason.

                "I've done my good deed for the day."


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                  good as place an any to jump in

                  You can't read at Zoetrope unless you submit though... so unless you have some of your own to submit (unless this rule has changed in the last few months since I have been there)

                  Why not just read screenplays available for movies you haven't seen? Have you seen that many movies?

                  I know there are various sites that have screenplay libraries

                  www.screenplay.com for one...

                  There are 100's available.. I am sure you can find a few you haven't seen.


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                    Yes, you can read at Zoetrope without submitting. I have yet to actually submit anything to AZ and I've read about 10 scripts. I joined in November.


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                      <You can't read at Zoetrope unless you submit though... so unless you have some of your own to submit (unless this rule has changed in the last few months since I have been there)>

                      Man who told you that. I read screenplays there in fact it is required for you to read and review 4 screenplays before you can read any others of the entire list. I haven't submitted a thing in the sp section. I joined around 2 years ago.


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                        Zoetrope is great! Thanks. Just review 4 and you get to read thousands. It is just what I was looking for. But I wonder if it is a big plus on a resume that I have been reviewing at Zoe? But the experience alone is worth it, anyway. Thanks.


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                          reading scripts

                          you can also try matrix entertainment they are always looking for readers for coverage their website is:


                          you can find hundred to read and comment on there.

                          Hope this helps



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                            Re: reading scripts

                            www.movie-page.com they have a lot of produced and unproduced scripts. you'll also see earlier versions of scripts from produced movies like the 1995 script for the matrix with the boring ending.


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                              durande, nope, nobody is going to care (as far as a job goes) that you've read at Zoe. However, it's a learning experience. If you're looking to pad a resume, tho, you might want to look elsewhere.