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  • No Whips Involved: 500 Ways to Beat the...

    To whoever praised the book, 500 Ways to Beat the Hollywood Script Reader -- thank you. It makes some excellent points that run the gamut from obvious to enlightening.

    #75 haunts me. It's about keeping slang fresh by creating it. The book points out that using current hip slang dates a movie quickly. But creating your own slang (such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "What's the sitch?"), works. It's clear yet new.

    Anyone have any favorite #s from this book?

    [Edited to add information]

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    For me, the entire book is one big favorite.

    I seriously hope she comes out with another 500!


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      I have a copy of the book on my desk and heartily recommend it.


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        I've never even seen this book.

        Is it only avail. on the net?


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          Re: I've never even seen this book.

          It's available at bookstores too.


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            Re: I've never even seen this book.



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              Good but drawn out

              I found some great points in this book that I hadn't read elsewhere, but I do have to knock it for redundancy. I think they really stretched out the 500 ways, when perhaps 150-200 would have sufficed. I took notes as I read it and kept getting deja vu; sure enough, as I referred back through my notes, she had simply restated something from earlier, which is fine if you're trying to re-emphasize a point, but not if you're touting 500 distinctly different items.


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                Re: Good but drawn out

                I think the writer said it best when she said: "If you're character doesn't say it, do it, or wear it - delete it."