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  • Secrets Of Action Screenwriting

    My book is back in print!

    It'll be available through Amazon and at some LA area bookstores... but if you order it from my website you'll get about 30% off! Plus an autograph.

    "But why do I need zinc oxide?"

    My book isn't a bunch of theory, it contains actual techniques that work. (They worked for me.) HOW do you write a plot twist? HOW do you create suspense? HOW do you SHOW what a character is feeling through actions? I give you step-by-step methods and use examples from films you've probably seen. This book is so up to date I have examples from M:I-2 and GONE IN 60 SECONDS! (thanks to advance screenings)(not that those are good movies - you can learn from their mistakes). Though the book is targeted at people writing thrillers, suspense and action scripts; the techniques apply to ANY genre.

    240 pages filled with information you won't find anywhere else.

    The link below should take you to my website, then click on "Book Order" or "Book Info" on the nav-bar.

    - Bill

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    Take the Done Deal Review challenge

    Get your book reviewed by Done Deal, Bill. Contact the reviewer at [email protected] and we'll get it set up.



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      Professor's Challenger


      Sent you a copy of the book last week, you may have it by now. Looking forward to the review (be brutal).

      - Bill