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  • A new screenwriting book

    Hello all

    I was given a screenwriting book called
    "Screenwriting from the heart" written by James Ryan.
    While I have not started reading the book, I'd like to know if anyone has, and if so, what are you thoughts on it.


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    Hi Oli, Have you finished Ryan's book yet?
    I read it and thought it was great. IMHO, Ryan's major contributions to the body of screenwriting advice literature are:
    1.) Discussing less-conventional story structures (good antidote to books that adhere to formulas)
    2.) An acting-oriented perspective that gives the book the best advice I've read anywhere on how to make scenes work, beat to beat.
    3.) Excellent creative visualization tips that show you how to connect with the stories you and you alone can write.


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      Re: A New Screenwriting Book

      Let me say this, the book was good. It gave me a new angle on writing, I guess we're never too old to learn new stuff. Callmegina, you're right, Ryan's book adds a whole lot to the way we write our screenplays....It kind of opened my eyes a bit, and to believe the book was a gift......


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        Re: A New Screenwriting Book

        I hadn't heard of it till I saw it mentioned in the post above. Just finished it and thought it was really good.