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    I've gotta say I think "Scr(i)pt" is right in line with most of the (serious) dialog that appears on this board. Many of the articles in the last two address the same issues discussed here. Bill Martell even contributes! How can you beat that? Check it out at your local bookstore.

    Bill Marquardt

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    scr(i)pt (i have no idea what the (i) means)

    I've had an article in every issue since it was a xeroxed newsletter about a decade ago.

    - Bill


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      New Issue

      Has Aaron Sorkin on the cover, and discussing WEST WING and SPORTS NIGHT inside.

      Allen Glazier from the Slamdance Contest has a funny article called 101 Screenwriting Cliches (or how to make a readers head explode).

      Sharon Y. Cobb has an article about writing MOWs - Sharon's ON HOSTILE GROUND got high ratings on TNT.

      There's an article about writing for game shows from the head writer on WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY.

      An interview with Don Roos on BOUNCE.

      An article on David E. Kelley's BOSTON PUBLIC that interviews the writing staff.

      Interview with the co-creators of FELICITY.

      Article on writing for TV by my friend Genia Shipman (who writes TV for a living - from WALKER TEXAS RANGER to RESCUE 77).

      And an article by me on loglines.

      If you haven't guessed by now, it's the TV issue!

      Out on newsstands and in most major bookstores.

      - Bill