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  • Anyone read this book?

    The Writers Journey, by Chris Vogler.

    Works on a 12 point structure system. Only read 40 or so pages of 300, but already I've managed to loosely plot out a idea I had more clearly.

    In all honestly, the baby almost wrote itself.


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    EJ, is it more like a workbook than a general guide? I'd like to know some more.

    If I had to choose one, I'd recommend STORY by McKee. Instead of repeating time and time again what script margins look like, it gets right into... well, the story.

    I'd like to hear any further thoughts you have on Vogler's book, once you're finished reading it.



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      re: Voglers book

      Nope, it's not a work book. Its just when I began reading it, an idea I had for a script just started slotting into the 12 point system he uses.

      I thought, "Damn, better write down all these ideas I have for structure, before I forget them all".

      Basically, in about 5 mintues, I had worked out the loose structure of my script.

      Regards to McKees book, yup, me read it and own it. I liked it. If McKees book is as helpful about actual importance of character and story, then its looking like Voglers book is as important about learning 'hero ' structure.

      PS The Dramatic Art of Writing, has a great section on characters.

      PPS How Not to write a screenplay, by Denny Flinn is a class book on presentation and prose of screenwriting. A great book that I read recently, and haven't stopped banging on about here and other sites.



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        Vogler's book is one of my favorites, as is Story.

        Also at the top of my list are Bill Martell's Secrets of Action Screenwriting (yeah, the same wc_martell that posts here) and Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger.

        I also liked the Art of Dramatic Writing.

        I hated Screenwriting 434.


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          books, glorious book!

          I'm gonna have to get a copy of Bill's Secrets of Action book.

          Also Linda Segers book I wanna get, Creating Unforgetable Characters, perhaps I'll check out Making a Good Script as well.

          Screenwriting 343, is that by Lew Hunter. If it is, it looks like I'm in for a bad time, I own it, but havent got round to reading yet.

          I wonder if I spend more time reading than



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            Re: books, glorious book!

            I think Vogler's book is excellent. It's based on Joseph Campbells work on myth but it's a lot easier to get through than Campbell.

            Seegers "Making a Good Writer Great" and "Making a Good Script Great" are also excellent workbooks. "Making a Good Writer Great" is really usefull of you're having trouble with the creative process.