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  • Call me Ishmael...

    I know this is a snorefest for many, but in this currently fatuous and facile era of Hollywood, when the big bucks routinely go to scripts with enough premise to fill a 30 second Bud-Lite commercial, I remain in awe of that rarest commodity â€" an enduring work of art. If you want depth of characterization, layer upon layer of subtext and multiple interlocking themes, all handled with style and aplomb, you could do much worse than "Moby Dick."

    Thereâ€TMs a well-written appreciation of this monumental work in todayâ€TMs LA Times:

    Okay, I can hear you lining up with the long knives. Wait! Look over there! A giant, white whale!


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    Brian Helgeland has dumbed it down and
    adapted it into an audience friendly - but
    very competent - script called THE WHALE
    (which was the novel's original title).

    Perhaps, coming soon to a theater near


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      I thought the TV miniseries with Patrick Stewart was quite good. And it's available on DVD.

      Sadly, I don't believe Hanna Barbera's 1967 "Moby Dick and the Mighty Mightor" is available on DVD or VHS.... But it wasn't terribly faithful to the novel. :lol