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    Does this still exist?

    Before I came to LA, it was the only screenwriting thing out there, run by Kerry Cox. When I got to LA, it was on every newsstand - it was kind of a big deal, the only place where you could read interviews with screenwriters and articles about screenwriting, and they had a big agents issue every year. I was interviewed once on some stupid movie I'd written. When it sold to Lou Grantt, she talked me into doing a column - and that's still in my bio...

    But I have no idea if it means anything, because I'm not sure the magazine still exists and that anyone remembers it.

    Looked it up online, and the new owner (Lou sold it years ago) has it as a PDF magazine at $58 (yikes) but the website shows an issue dated 2006... and the website looks kind of old and out of date (one of my articles is still linked). Hard to tell if they just are displaying an old issue or if that was the last issue and the magazine has been dead for 3 years.

    Anyone know if this is still out there?

    - Bill
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    Re: Hollywood Scriptwriter Newsletter

    Bill, a free yearly subscription was part of the entering incentive offered by Action on Film Festival last year, however to date I've only received two pdf. issues. I also remember when they were a paper subscription years ago. Emails to HS have remained unanswered.


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      Re: Hollywood Scriptwriter Newsletter

      Resurrect it Bill!
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        Re: Hollywood Scriptwriter Newsletter

        was that on yellow paper?


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          Re: Hollywood Scriptwriter Newsletter

          magazines.com is still offering it under their "writing" and entertainment section, but as Bill says, they don't look very current on the site
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