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    Originally posted by Takeshiro View Post
    In the case of The Terminator, the first minute and forty three seconds of the movie is nowhere in the Cameron script...but it reads exactly to the materials Sophia registered as The Third Eye.

    Near December of 1984, Thomas M. Cleaver, then a reporter for Starlog Magazine asked James Cameron about the story origin and he said, "I took a couple of Outer Limits segments.-

    Then :

    With all of these actions confirmed, James Cameron, Gale Ann Hurd, Pacific Western Productions, Orion Pictures, Inc., and Hemdale Film Corporation admitted to Harlan Ellison that this malfeasance had taken place when he forced them to give him a screen credit. I confirmed these facts through films made by Harlan Ellison describing the misconduct. By these statements, Cameron admitted to strategic copying on purpose.

    " James Cameron admitted that he got the "Third Eye- from Gale Ann Hurd. Gale Ann Hurd was the person that had gone to Starlog Magazine in the presence of its staff to conceal the admission by James Cameron that they had willfully used other copyrighted works to create the Terminator film and screenplay in or about December of 1984."

    This isn't frivolous. Cameron & Hurd have actually admitted to their felonious dealings by putting Ellison's name at the end of Terminator but at the same time omitting Ellison's contribution from their copyright submission.

    EDIT/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUY6E-ByYVs
    But you know, you know....

    As for Avatar, it's easier : Mononoke, Pocahontas, Winds of Altair , Call Me Joe , Old Man's War , A Man Called Horse ,Dances with Wolves.
    I should've never mentioned the Ellison thing 'cause it's got nothing to do with Sophia Stewart's "case". The fact that Ellison's case was settled indicates it probably WON'T have anything to do with Stewart's "case".

    I haven't read "The Third Eye", but what little I've seen on her website indicates I'm not missing a whole lot. Terrible, terrible writing.

    By the way, even though Ellison settled in The Terminator lawsuit, it's a pretty big stretch to say that Soldier and Demon with a Glass Hand are blatant plagiarism by Cameron. Anyone that's even seen the episodes could--

    Oh. Wait. I see that you haven't even read one of the links you posted. You may want to read that last link.

    And another 'Oh'. Ellison hasn't made any films. (Unless you want to count The Oscar; and even Ellison doesn't count that so...)