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  • It's a set up - Bill Martell's article

    Thanks for this bit of info, Bill. Loved the article. It has given
    me a chance to pull back and look at the set up of my first
    two scripts, though I set the obstacles, conflict in place, I
    did not execute the theme.

    I liked how you described "Ghost" as a movie about breaking down
    the communication barriers. From the get-go to the ending of
    the movie, the theme never lost its path.

    Nice insight, Bill. Enjoyed the read.


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    Thanks! I used GHOST as my main example when I did my class in Tahoe last year - and showed the film the Friday night before the class. Everyone cried at the end (including me - and I'd seen it about a dozen times for the class). It's a movie that really works.

    I attended a lecture by the screenwriter, Bruce Joel Rubin, who explained that he got the idea for GHOST while doing drugs... The script was a "drug related incident"!

    Though I don't plan on doing any more about GHOST for Scr(i)pt, I may turn the rest of my notes on the movie into an article or two for my website.

    - Bill


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      Now I've heard everything, "Ghost" inspired by a wild acid trip.
      Dang, and the worse thing I do is drink tea. Hmmm, I wonder
      how my scripts will come out?



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        I have that issue of Scr(i)pt. I will read the article this weekend.


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          I really enjoy Martell's writing and input, in Scr(i)pt and on this board. He's not only a strong and thoroughly accomplished writer, but he's a really nice guy. We fledgling screenwriters really appreciate such people!

          The thing I don't understand about Martell is why he's never had a feature film produced (at least, I don't think he has?). He's clearly talented enough.


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            Bill has over sixteen produced films appearing all over the TV cable networks.

            His book, "Secrets of Action Screenwriting" is still one of the best resources out there for feature screenwriters in my opinion. I have a shelf full like many do, but keep that one on my desk.


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              Re: homework

              Right, I realize Bill's been very successful with television and cable, but I'm talking about theatrical releases. To my knowledge he hasn't had a theatrical feature produced, has he?

              My point being that he's clearly talented enough to do so; perhaps he has deliberately chosen not to play in that arena?


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                invisible credits

                The script I sold that got me to town was to a company at Paramount... it didn't get made.

                A couple of years ago I adapted a best selling novel as a theatrical... it didn't get made.

                Same year I wrote a script for a producer at another studio... it didn't get made.

                Most scripts don't sell.
                Of those that sell, most don't get made... maybe only a couple % actually get made.

                My credits are the scripts that got made.

                - Bill (and I *do* target places with the best chance of actually making the films - I *hate* having scripts not go to screen.)


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                  Re: invisible credits

                  Thanks for clarifying that, Bill!

                  Gotta be only a matter of time.


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                    Getting It Up On Screen

                    The guys who wrote TOP GUN had been professional writers for over ten years without having a single script end up on screen. It's close to impossible to get *anything* made. I'm lucky for my credits.

                    - Bill


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                      Re: Getting It Up On Screen

                      I have that issue of Scr(i)pt. I will read the article this weekend.
                      I have this issue with Script magazine also, it has to do with their $30 price tag, WTF!!!!

                      Edited to say: Sorry to be off topic, but could not be helped.