Rejected 60 times? "The Help" author's advice.



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  • Rejected 60 times? "The Help" author's advice.

    Rejection, there is no shortage of it when it comes to screenwriting. Some of us take it better than others, and we all develop ways of coping; though often it lays waste to the faint of heart. I came across this essay in More magazine about Kathryn Stockett's passion and how after 60 rejections she finally got published:

    "The point is, I can't tell you how to succeed. But I can tell you how not to: Give in to the shame of being rejected and put your manuscript-or painting, song, voice, dance moves, [insert passion here]-in the coffin that is your bedside drawer and close it for good. I guarantee you that it won't take you anywhere. Or you could do what this writer did: Give in to your obsession instead."

    After you read her Essay I wouldn't be surprised if her story on getting The Help published turns into a novel and/or screenplay of its own.

    Full Essay:

    Having good contacts always helps too, and she did have a good contact in the way of Tate Taylor who she grew up with and I would encourage everyone to check out the Script Magazine podcast with Mr. Taylor who directed "The Help" (which is now in theatres).

    Script Podcast with Tate Taylor:
    Get busy writin' or get busy dyin'.

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    Re: Rejected 60 times? "The Help" author's advice.

    Good-news story, thanks.

    The only thing I'd add, mentioned often on this board, is to keep writing new material ... even while you're getting those rejections on your earlier work that only you seem to have faith in.

    It would appear that Stockett didn't do more new writing through this long journey, so she took a chance on herself and her passion project and was, yes, ultimately rewarded.

    Good for her!

    Hers is the stuff that movies are made of!

    And, oddly, doing it the other way, you'd probably never see the movie.

    But she did take a big chance. And I bet absorbing all that negativity made her on rare occasions less than the most pleasant person to be around!