Inquiry Into China Film Trade Unnerves Hollywood



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  • Inquiry Into China Film Trade Unnerves Hollywood

    From NYTimes:

    "LOS ANGELES - Hunkered down. Lawyered up. Looking over your shoulder for the prosecutors.

    That is a not a comfortable way to do business. But it may become business as usual for those who have been struggling to make China both a customer for Hollywood films and a partner in the production of them.

    Last March, word reached several studios of a confidential inquiry by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Department into possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by people or companies involved in the China film trade. Since then, executives and their advisers have been waiting for some public sign of the scope or focus of the government's interest.

    So far, there has been none.

    But official silence has not kept the investigation from casting a chill over dealings between Hollywood and China. At a discussion in August sponsored by the Beverly Hills Bar Association, some panel members said deal-making had been complicated by the investigation. This concern was repeated in recent interviews by people involved in the Chinese-American film trade, though only on the condition of anonymity to avoid attracting the attention of regulators."
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    Re: Inquiry Into China Film Trade Unnerves Hollywood

    I suppose DC regulators never read the NYT.
    "You have idea 1, you're excited. It flops. You have idea 99, you're excited. It flops.
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