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    Amusing site:
    "I talked to a couple of yes men at Metro. To me they said no."

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    Originally posted by C.C.Baxter View Post
    This one is great:

    What’s the quadrant?

    At the end of a pitch of a delightful, romantic comedy, the studio exec’s only comment was a question: “What’s the quadrant?”

    Off our blank looks, he offered: “The four age groups a movie will appeal to are depicted in the quadrants of a pie chart of the movie-going demographics by age.”

    We quipped that since ours was a family film it would appeal to all quadrants. He seemed miffed by this. “You gotta pick a quadrant.”

    We randomly chose a quadrant and he seemed pleased. “Every screenwriter needs to know the quadrant he’s writing for. If you want to make it in this town, you gotta know your quadrants.”

    Note: we still don’t know our quadrants nor do we care.

    I had to edit this to add one more:

    There’s something about it that I’m not quite sure about. Make your monster more realistic. Maybe it should come from outer space.

    — Producer after reading my horror film screenplay