What's on Amazon: The e-tailer's quest to make TV hits



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  • What's on Amazon: The e-tailer's quest to make TV hits

    Interesting compare-and-contrast with Amazon and Netflix, but what I found most interesting was this comment on the state of development of the original (non-pro) Amazon Studios feature projects:

    "Producing original entertainment carries risks for Amazon; it's expensive, and there's no guarantee that hits will come. The company has spent millions of dollars developing feature-film scripts in recent years and has yet to green-light a movie.

    "They want to walk before they run, and TV is a less-expensive way to begin," said Marty Weiss of Martini Shot Films who has a movie script, "The Alchemist Agenda," on Amazon's development slate. Weiss rewrote the script about five months ago and has not heard back from Amazon Studios since handing the revised version in."

    "People who work in Hollywood are the ones who didn't quit." -- Lawrence Kasdan

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