Steven Spielberg, sounding board (if you're lucky)



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  • Steven Spielberg, sounding board (if you're lucky)

    From The International Herald Tribune/NYT:


    When the action hit ''Cloverfield'' thrilled audiences in 2008, few in theaters could have guessed that they were, at least in part, under the creative stewardship of Steven Spielberg. That was because Mr. Spielberg has no credit on the production. But that didn't stop him from giving the movie's director, Matt Reeves, and its producer, J.J. Abrams, advice on how to improve the film.

    ''He had this idea about the ending,'' said Mr. Reeves, who, with Mr. Abrams, had sent Mr. Spielberg a cut during postproduction with the hope that he would give them creative notes. That version showed the giant monster that wreaks havoc on New York being last seen on the loose, at war with fighter jets. ''The movie was meant to be open ended, but something was missing.''"
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