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    Re: GITS interview: Craig Mazin

    I think if it were so easy to "read" what is and isn't going to work in any market, then things either would or wouldn't sell based on this, and this alone. If that were the case, there'd never be a flop, nor would there be a surprise hit.

    My theory on why something very funny (Identity Thief, for example) didn't do well overseas is simple: People are weird. And a little bit dumb.
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      Re: GITS interview: Craig Mazin

      Originally posted by Craig Mazin View Post
      If your theme isn't an argument, then there's no position for the character to arrive at. This goes back to Aristotle, and what he called "Thought". Poetics says it better than I could.
      Oh, that makes sense now. Thanks. And thanks for doing the interview with Scott.
      "You have idea 1, you're excited. It flops. You have idea 99, you're excited. It flops.
      Only a fool is excited by the 100th idea. Fools keep trying. God rewards fools." --Martin Hellman, paraphrased


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        Re: GITS interview: Craig Mazin

        Originally posted by Craig Mazin View Post

        That aside, consider Step Brothers.

        Made $100M in the U.S.

        Made $27M in the rest of the world.

        There are step brothers in the rest of the world, yeah?
        Thank you for taking time to respond :-)

        Of course, I can't speak for the whole of -- wildly contrasting -- European culture, only the small parts I know. Neither do I know if IT did better in UK than on the -- much larger -- continent.

        As for Step Brothers, I think that

        a) Ferrell isn't a household name (no SNL here)
        b) "step brothers" aren't a recognizable trope, mostly because people don't stick together after a divorce,
        c) being a "middle-aged loser" isn't a pop-cultural trope here. We don't even have a word for "loser" which is one of the few things I love about my country.

        I'm not a marketing expert, but if you asked me if Step Brothers would do well in Europe before the screenings, I'd be positive it wouldn't.

        But, of course, I'm not a very smart person and the world is full of surprises.

        True story: even though they had the precedence to purchase, the former bosses at my TV station decided they won't buy Sex in the City, because nobody here would be interested. The rival station bought it. The rest is history.
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