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  • Magazine Writing on the Web, for Film

    Via M. Allen on Amazon and the NY Times:

    "On Monday, Mr. Bearman and Mr. Davis are introducing Epic, a kind of online literary platform that will commission and publish big, nonfiction narratives that might also make good movies.

    They are trying to build a model for long-form journalism where the revenue generated over the entire life of a story - magazine fees, sales on and Amazon Kindle Singles, ancillary film and television rights - can be used to finance the costs of reporting.

    Writers, even ones with custody of a great story, can get lost in a thicket of pitches, edits and reselling. Mr. Bearman and Mr. Davis have cracked the code a bit and have the skills to help authors exercise some control in a changed marketplace. Whether or not it can work as a business is yet to be determined, but it could begin to change the way business is done and authors are treated."
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