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    I'm currently reading a book on screenwriting and am mightily impressed with it. So much so that I have to recommend it here to anyone who may not know about it. It's Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach by Paul Gulino.

    I hasten to add that it is not a "guru" book like so many others. This is an academic book, and is very analytical and scholarly. I mean "academic" literally: Gulino is a former professor of screenwriting at USC. It goes way beyond anything you get from the usual books (though its focus is narrower in many ways, it goes deeper, if that makes sense).

    It's becoming a lot clearer to me lately that there are definitely books out there that are extremely informative and deeply insightful, but they are not of the type that usually get talked about (the famous ones by your Fields and your Snyders and your McKees, etc.). Those more heavily trafficked books are insightful in their own ways, of course, but they simply don't compare (well, McKee comes close at times, but is still too generalized) to the comprehensive treatment given the subject in these books written by professorial authors.

    For my own purposes, I find the studious academic analysis of this type of book to be much, much more illuminating and helpful to me than "guru" books. I found it to be true also in books on genre analysis that I've found which were written by similarly qualified authors.

    I'm currently reading Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach free on so it is unfortunately a low-res scan version, but the content is so good that I'm able to ignore the fidelity problem. Anyway, for whatever my recommendation might be worth, I urge anyone who would like deep insight into screenplay structure and story integrity to read it.
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