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    Hello guys!

    Sorry it's been a while since i've been on these boards. Got pretty busy selling specs! Anyway, thought I'd get back into posting as I know a lot of my posts were helping new writers out. And I actually get satisfaction from teaching and helping answer questions.

    One of the things that I got asked a lot (even by newer clients of mine) was how are scripts sold? I had never thought about this before because it's second nature to me. But as I started thinking about it and breaking it down, I did see the value in knowing the thought process.

    So I wrote an article about it:

    I hope this helps explain to the newbies how a script actually makes its way around Hollywood. By the way, this is for 2015, I'm sure it will change next year!

    Curious to hear some feedback, or if what I wrote is just common knowledge?
    Anonymous rep guiding screenwriters.