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  • Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

    Twitter's MysteryExec was the creation of an aspiring writer.

    Maybe I'm the last to find out but in case I'm not alone here's the 8/19 article on Mashable.
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    Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

    While I enjoyed @MysteryExec's tweets, I never believed it was the account of an actual executive. Mostly because it read like a creative's dreams of what an exec was thinking.

    There's a reason why Executives are Executives and Creatives are Creatives. They have different motivations/goals when it comes to Hollywood. And they're both vitally important.

    You wanna know what the industry would be like if Creatives ran everything? Go find your favorite director's "passion project." That movie they waited until they had complete control so they could make it exactly how they wanted. Mostly likely you'll find it in the bargain bin at Walmart.

    But the movies built by Executives will right next to it. Probably the adaptation of a television show from the 60s.


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      Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

      Most of those "Mystery" accounts sound like they're fool of crap. Bitter Script Reader and the few who've actually outed themselves are the only ones that are legit.


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        Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

        I found him entertaining for a while (he got repetitive eventually and I unfollowed), but he never quite seemed legit to me. I figured he was in the industry but nowhere near exec level. Interesting that he was just a character, though.

        I'm actually more sad to discover that MysteryVP wasn't real. She was hilarious, and kind of fabulous in a mean girl way.


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          Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

          Isn't Mystery TV Exec real?


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            Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

            I think @MysteryCraftService is real. Love of YooHoo and hatred of Hollywood left turns: Sounds legit to me.

            It would be sad to discover that it's a 32 year old Barista in Hemet masquerading as a hi-powered snack wrangler.
            Just my 2 cents, your mileage may vary.

            -Steve Trautmann
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              Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

              But his heart and tweets were VERY REAL. Everyone on twitter is a liar in some way. 140 characters does not make a man.


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                Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

                I don't mind people being anonymous, but I do mind people pretending to be something they're not. It's deceptive, pure and simple, and it goes directly to character.

                I don't care what anyone else says. All I keep wondering, is what else will this person do to get what they want?

                What else would they do if they thought they could get away with it?

                To me, it's no different than saying you graduated from Yale on your resume when you didn't.

                It's not a "prank that went too far," In my opinion. He had this account for five years. It's not like he didn't know he was doing something wrong.

                If it was a prank he should have come forward when he realized people really believed he was an exec.

                And in the end, I'd have more respect for someone who came clean and faced his followers openly, instead of deleting their account.

                I mean, own your ****, people.
                "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,- Pablo Picasso


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                  Re: Twitter's @MysteryExec a hoax

                  If we get in trouble for pretending than 99% of us on this board would be in trouble.

                  He didn't seek money. he got followers. he didn't get much else. I don't see the harm since half the accounts on twitter aren't verified and can be all fake.

                  Mine is real, but I just have a twitter voice that is different than my message board voice or my real voice.

                  If he reads this, you have many supporters. Come back as yourself. sell your movie rights.