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  • Behold my awesomeness!

    Today's blogpost is up, and discusses the issues and pitfalls of how much a writer should talk about themselves. Have a look, won't you?

    Thanks for reading!

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    Re: Behold my awesomeness!

    I was gonna reply earlier, but I was busy talking about myself to someone...

    Especially true in the "[insert famous name here] is interested" department. If someone high up really IS interested, money will appear. Otherwise, it's likely smoke being blown...


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      Re: Behold my awesomeness!

      I for sure like to bring out my accomplishments when someone tries to downplay me, or when someones tries to downplay my worth... But otherwise I don't mention anything, because the truth is what I've done is not really even 1/100th of what I want to do, and talking about it actually makes me think more about what I haven't accomplished than what I have.

      That said, don't dare ask "who the F are you to talk?", or try to short change me because I will bring out the brigade and put whoever in their place lol.

      But yeah, most of that comes from insecurity, probably.
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