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    I rarely enter screenplay competitions these days (partly due to working on assignments, and partly due to the fact that I'm not eligible for many contests). But a recent spec script had me wondering if there was a way to gauge how it would play to non-American audiences.
    The U.S. now only acounts for about 1/3 of the the global theatrical box office. So, writing for the rest of the world is becoming increasingly important. When I heard about the Oaxaca Film Festival, it seemed the perfect fit to test drive my sci-fi actioner with foreign readers.

    Hapy to say that this one seems to have some global appeal. It was named a finalist Official Selection to the festival. The judging comments included this sentence (which I am appropriating and trademarking ):

    “RIDE OF THE VALKYRIES is a rollicking space adventure that gives us the coolest crew since the original Enterprise.”

    Read all about it in Script Magazine:
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