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    I was going to put this on another forum but that forum is about film scripts and doesn't get much traffic. My question is what nonfiction Hollywood book is your favorite? It could be from an actor, a director, a screenwriter or producer. It could be a biography or a series of film essays or a book about a tv series (development/gossip).

    Joe Eszterhas' "Hollywood Animal" is my favorite screenwriter biography (there aren't many). He literally doesn't hold back in his tale.

    For books on an era of films it's hard to beat Peter Biskind's "Down & Dirty Pictures" (about the 90's indie film scene) or "Easy Riders & Raging Bulls" (about seventies film). Great insider reads.

    I've read a lot of this stuff and actor biographies. Last Xmas I got Dolph Lundgren's book "Train Like An Action Hero." I wouldn't recommend it I also never asked for it. It was supposed to be a fun gift. It tried to be one part fitness book and one part biography but it came up short in both departments. I mean the guy has been in a lot of films and he really doesn't get into it. More time spent about his high school and college days then what happened after Rocky 4. But I learned to occasionally lie with your feet raised up high against the wall. This drains toxins from your feet.