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    Hey guys...

    Haven’t posted much in here over the years since social media went more mainstream and transparent, but I still pop in and spy from time to time. Just curious if any of you screenwriters have branched out into audioplays—it’s a growing market, and a great way to get your stories out there as a proof of concept and build an audience... both of which are crucial for screenwriters these days.

    Here’s a short blurb I wrote about trying to do just that for Script magazine, including a link to the youtube channel my bro and I just launched for audioplays and an embedded link to pur first one called THE RIVER.

    This is all free by the way, not trying to sell anyone on anything. Though we’d love likes, subscribes and comments—good or bad, it’s youtube, haha!—I genuinely just wanted to share to see if anyone else is moving into this space as well. If so—good luck! TONS of potential to not only get your work out there but also monetize if you play your cards right! Hit us with links to your work if it’s out there!

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    Re: Audioplays

    Great job with The River ,lips.

    I've thought about creating a radio show, myself. Maybe a detective show of some kind. Maybe a comedy detective show.

    Good Luck and thanks for sharing.

    Hey! You might do it in your house, but in this house we don't lick our butts. -- Mother Teresa


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      Re: Audioplays

      Hi ihavebiglips, thanks for sharing that was a fun listen. Are you planning on releasing it as a podcast series?