What Makes For A Good Plot Twist?



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  • What Makes For A Good Plot Twist?

    Shankar Vedantam hosts NPR's "Hidden Brain,- and in the following link, he speaks with cognitive scientist Vera Tobin about what makes for a good plot twist in a segment entitled "Spoiler Alert! The Psychology of Surprise Endings.- It's a 29-minute listen and well worth the price of admission.
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    Re: What Makes For A Good Plot Twist?

    A good listen, TigerFang, and like a good plot twist-- it makes sense when you hear the reasonings behind the "magic trick."

    The tips are good lessons on how to subvert and exploit a person's inferences to create and strengthen a plot twist that the writer wants to execute.

    Thanks for posting...

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      Re: What Makes For A Good Plot Twist?

      Just listened to this on Sunday when it aired. Fascinating piece, as always, from Shankar. Even if you're not writing a whodunit or a mystery/Shyamalan-type script, the parts where they go into detail about the human brain not needing the sort of in-between info in order to put two and two together are really interesting.