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  • Variety vs. Hollywood Reporter

    Okay, I know this has been dealt with in the past, but which do you pros go for your daily breakfast? I'm speaking online subscriptions only. Deus? Your take?

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    I want to get to the bottom of this one (years later)... I've compared the print versions, and they seem similiar... But which mag has the better ONLINE version? I'd like to get the weekly recap and the web access...

    My initial perusal of Hollywoodreporter is that they have a navigable, clean website that is very well put together.

    My initial perusal of Variety is that their site isn't put together as thoughtfully, but they have some industry type links that might make up for it.

    Does anyone have any advice? The prices are fairly similiar as well.


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      I prefer, mostly because they have a "Latest News" link that allows you to easily access a list of articles in reverse chronological order. I subscribed briefly to THR online but really found it lacking in terms of that sort of navigation, and THR offers one or two paragraphs of its articles even to nonsubscribers, and many articles are fully available, so I'm perfectly happy with just

      I have print subscriptions to both trades (I used air miles that were withering on the vine), and the subscription came free with the print subscription even though it was an air miles thing, which is great...though, honestly, the online version keeps me so updated I usually just toss the print version in the recycling bin. I usually toss the print version of THR, too, actually, unless I know from THR online that there's an article I really want to read...and that's not that often...

      When my air miles run dry I'll continue to subscribe to


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        Whoa, how do you trade air miles for a subscription? (BTW, I've subscribed to Variety on-line for over a year now.)


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          I did it through Delta, but it looks like you can trade in miles from a number of participating airlines:

          Magazines for Miles


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            Thanks, Purp. Interesting, didn't know that. But I write off Variety (and a lot of other subscriptions) as professional tax deductions, so I guess I'm better of simply paying for them.