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  • Adjust your dosage.


    • Originally posted by JoeBanks View Post
      Since the fellowships were awarded over a month ago now, can we just lock this thread from any more racist trolling posts?
      You’re missing the point.

      The Nicholl will accept scripts in February at a bargain entry fee.

      Learning which five of the ten finalists moved on is the start of the conversation if you want to win next year… no one has posted any reader comments and notes yet.

      Post your ideas and get some feedback… many of this year’s Fellows have websites where they get feedback on multiple scripts, not just:

      West Side Story should give us lots of ideas… the Latino audience wants a very specific type of movie and not one of these producers with million-dollar paychecks have given the target demo something to get them back into theaters .. a huge failure… Hamilton was closest

      I was just reading user reviews:

      Can you see a script the same way a first round reader does? Most scripts get positive reviews but not enough bonus points to move on to the second round is The concept original or does it copy from other movies this month on Netflix? Does the writer have a strong voice? Is he leading rather than following?

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      • This is fun.


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          • Because there are so many movies available, we’ve become quite selfish in what we choose to watch. Video gamers may buy tickets for the new Spider-man with Doctor Strange.

            The Nicholl committee … the finalists included two scripts about women who experimented with romance before choosing a very conventional marriage and children… and ordinary heroes who protected animals.

            There’s a video of Olivia Wilde interviewing one of the Fellows, the script where a former actress lives during the Cuban missile crisis… this shows how the judges connect with certain genres or stories from their own past…

            for the first round you can ask for judges who prefer your genre….
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            • Originally posted by bono View Post
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              • Let’s think about the word “authentic”

                the Nicholl committee gives bonus points for authentic stories

                a boy growing up with abusive parents

                what is YOUR authentic story? What is your core value as a human being?

                (2) since the Academy isn’t making a movie out of your script, a new take on a school shooting?

                (3) the committee chose scripts without gun violence, they chose scripts about women making difficult choices with traditional American values


                • They also give bonus points for complete sentences and periods.


                  • The Nicholl won’t let you use fictional characters - but you could do a Forrest Gump style of throwing a real person or event into the mix at a fairly rapid pace

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