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  • Worst Contest Prizes

    I found this on twitter and it made me laugh/think:

    Screenwriting contests really be out here in these Hollywood streets asking for $60-80 submission fees and the prizes be a copy of Final Draft and your name posted on the websites.

    Don't name the contest -- just list the prize offered vs cost to enter.. I bet most of them are offering things like this. For instance, I'm assuming most of us already own screenwriting software since we entered a contest for screenwriting....

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    No one?

    It was a while ago now but I paid $30 to enter a contest, I didn't win but I got useful notes plus a runner-up/consolation prize, a copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, so I think I did okay there.

    Halloween short script contest 2021 - deadline Oct 28
    Win a year's subscription to Done Deal Pro!