Impact x Skydance Contemporary Horror TV series



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  • Impact x Skydance Contemporary Horror TV series

    Impact x Skydance Contemporary Horror TV series

    Enter now -- July 4th.

    Skydance — impact

    Good luck!

    -- ETA: from the FAQ:

    What does ‘Elevated, Contemporary Horror’ mean? What television series are examples?
    This prompt is aimed at finding 60-minute TV series that organically weave in horror elements in a world that otherwise feels like the one we all know. The best horror elements stem from relatable, universal, and contemporary fears. They feel practical and plausible, rooted in the psychology of characters or in the lore of the show’s or movie’s world. And the best horror always comments on or reflects certain realities or experiences, intelligently using its horror elements to explore and ask questions about uncomfortable truths.

    The ‘elevated’ elements of the shows should be reflected largely by the project’s tone; they should feel premium, smart, and sharp. And the ‘contemporary’ elements of shows should be reflected in their subject matter; the issues and themes should feel relevant to the current cultural conversation or zeitgeist, and the aim should be to comment on or illuminate aspects of modern life that feel rich and topical.

    The series we want to emulate are: The Haunting of Hill House / Bly Manor, Stranger Things, Castle Rock, and Lovecraft County. And movies references would be: The Others, It Follows, Get Out, The Babadook, Goodnight Mommy, and Hereditary.

    Note: We do not want to see anything that lives in the camp, gore, or slasher space. And unless it’s done in a smart, fresh way, we’re also steering clear of on-screen monsters, werewolves, vampires, etc.
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    Thanks for the heads up
    I heard the starting gun