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  • Impact x Skydance Sports TV series

    Impact + Skydance are looking for TV series, focused on sports.

    Accepting entries until January 30, 2022

    Skydance — impact

    Good luck!!

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    Pole dancing… that’s a sport now, isn’t it?


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      Has anyone "won" any of these contests? I never hear about the winners.


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        Originally posted by Bono View Post
        Has anyone "won" any of these contests? I never hear about the winners.
        I remember this one being announced from the first Impact thing -- four-way bidding war for this writer's animated feature. The writer got mid-six figures, so, not bad at all! I'd have to google for more and I don't feel like it, but be my guest, Bono!!! Not all contests are bad!! And Imagine stuff is free to enter.

        Netflix ‘Tunga, Animated Musical Godwin Jabangwe Imagine Impact 1 – Deadline


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          The early contests were all expenses paid training sessions at Brian glazer’s new offices . At the end of the first two Ron Howard held a party attended by agents and studio execs and sold over a dozen projects


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            I've entered most of the Impact "prompts" and there's enough time if you want to enter this one.

            This is a partnership between Imagine (Ron Howard and Brian Glazer) and Skydance TV. There's a lot more to the application than just your idea for a Sports TV show. They want to know why you think you're the best one to write this particular show. They want you to photograph well in a 30-second video.

            First problem. You can't describe your project in 30 seconds. The purpose of the video is to let them see you and possibly to eliminate a few entries. Your video can be longer but they will only watch the first 30 seconds. I would make a longer video, show some enthusiasm for this project, and if they only watch the first 30 seconds, ok. In my previous entries, I thought they would award bonus points for keeping the video to the requested 30 seconds. Now, I'm not so sure.

            Second problem. Sports. Ted Lasso has won Best Comedy. Skydance would like that kind of success.

            The world of "women in chess" and drugs has been explored.

            A TV show that is Sports-adjacent? Think of the world before "Star Wars" when the suits at 20th Century Fox thought George Lucas was going to fail because no one cared about science fiction movies.

            Imagine says they prefer BREVITY. Edit your answers to their questions. Show your voice as a professional who knows how to deliver a TED speech.


            LINK: Since the first Impact program, the accelerator program has accepted 65 writers and paired them with industry experts including Akiva Goldsman of “A Beautiful Mind” fame. So far, 62 developed projects have come out of the process with 22 sold or set-up with major studios, networks and streaming services, including Godwin Jabangwe’s Tunga, an original animated family adventure musical inspired by the mythology of the Shona culture of Zimbabwe set up at Netflix, the company said. (end)

            The problem isn't selling the projects. The (third) problem is the thousands of applications. How do you stand out? In this case, a Sports TV concept that people want to watch.
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