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  • Scriptopaloza is OUT FOR LUNCH

    I just read some of their current winning screenplay. First Prize.
    Why is this happening . Contests push averaging scripts. It's a problem.
    It's a clean script but so un-layering in its story. Predictable and boring and seen it before. When are we going to find more writers like Nolan etc
    And the way they talk in this . So uninteresting and trite. Who will watch this movie? it's 2023 with Netflix and Asia dominating . Eg. Parasite script.
    Still we have thise old style of writing and smarties trying to be smarties.
    Sad day. And please , this writer cannnot or should not write a synopsis like that . Too wordy and showoffish from last year English Class. Please.
    The world changes of cinema - moving fast. But script conests remain dumb.

    Nightmares From A Past Life — Get It Made Productions
    -------------- NIGHTMARES FROM A PAST LIFE

    Horror | Ghosts | Chilling

    Written by Wallace Wang

    Logline: Intrigue unfolds as a renowned detective novelist adopts a boy, whose uncanny resemblance and memories point to a chilling possibility: he could be the reincarnation of a victim of a notorious serial killer.

    Synopsis: "Nightmares from a Past Life" introduces twelve-year-old Justin Halley, whose chilling revelations about the unsolved Christmas Killer case grip Officer Richards within the confines of a suburban police station. Claiming to be the reincarnation of Tommy Travers, a victim of the heinous killer, Justin astounds by recounting accurate details from historical newspaper clippings.

    Mystery and the paranormal converge as Officer Frank Leonard joins, casting a shadow of suspicion on his involvement. The narrative interweaves past and present, unraveling a tapestry of enigma. As tension escalates, a sinister revelation emerges—Officer Leonard might carry his own sinister secret.

    Exploring themes of reincarnation, memory, and hidden malevolence, "Nightmares from a Past Life" captivates readers, seamlessly blending suspense and the uncanny. In this tale, the boundary between reality and the inexplicable blurs, inviting readers to contemplate the eerie forces at play within the depths of human consciousness.

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    So the first prize is yours then?
    I will not fall into despair! I will keep myself hearty, till freedom is opportune!