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  • UCLA Online Extension Classes

    Seem really great with some instructors that have actual writing credits. $500 a course and I'm really considering trying one.

    http://www.uclaextension.edu/ (go to fields of study on left, then writer's program and follow the links to the sw courses)

    Anyone have experience with this program or heard reviews on it?
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    Re: UCLA Online Extension Classes

    I highly recommend UCLA's professional program in screenwriting. It's a year-long program modelled after their MFA. It's available online, too.



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      Re: UCLA Online Extension Classes

      I took the program, not the online one, but the classroom one and it was very good.

      I happen to know that a guy who did take the online one from the year before me sold a screenplay to the people who produced Forrest Gump.

      They have a contest at the end of the year and the top 10 winners get published in the trades and if the scripts are good they get slipped to managers.

      A girl in my class got a manager and sold a pitch.


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        Re: UCLA Online Extension Classes

        UCLA is a great resource, no question about it. Great teachers, a great campus, and they know from entertainment writing. Online is online, it's a little different but I took an online screenwriting class and liked it so much I started coming down to LA to take weekend courses (before I moved here). I took an online short story class thru UCLA and got the resulting short fiction published in a literary journal.

        The yearly Writers Studio is really cool too. I've done that twice. It's every February, a week-long intensive, all day every day with great guest speakers. I think it's each spring (or fall?) they have a writing program open house and you can go for the afternoon and take these mini-20 minute classes which are basically previews and it's really fun. Took a comedy "mini class" that way from Steve Mazur and it was a blast. And you can't beat it because it's free!

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          Re: UCLA Online Extension Classes

          I just applied to the advanced screenwriting course there myself. I had to submit a script. Looks like an awesome course. I think it's ten weeks long. If memory serves it's going to cost me about 500 bucks.

          See you there