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    Re: Scriptwriters Showcase in April?

    Originally posted by suzbays
    For the record, I didn't say it was a waste of time. I just think the cost v. benefit ratio was too high. The same high quality script/good pitcher combo would be better served calling up assistants, etc. and offering to buy them food or drinks. I'm all for working with the people who will soon be in power.

    I'm sorry your monetary compensation wasn't great. Hopefully, you discovered the diamonds.

    No, I think it was Bill who was saying it was a waste of time. I don't disagree with you regarding the cost/benefit at all. I think that, if it were included as part of the conference, or were a minimal charge, say a hundred bucks to pitch twenty people, it would make sense for everyone.


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      Re: Scriptwriters Showcase in April?

      [QUOTE=creativexec]If the event says, "You'll be pitching to the assistants to the assistants," that's acceptable. <<<

      Don't they usually say something like "representatives from the following companies will attend." I mean, if they're even implying that the principle producers or senior agents will show, then that's wrong.

      >>But if organizers try to paint these assistants as being more than they really are (or if the assistants themselves do), then it's disingenuous. People that pay to pitch should know exactly who they are pitching to. <<

      I completely agree.

      >>The truth is that most of these execs could be contacted outside of this pitch arena and it wouldn't cost the writer a dime.

      SB, are you only accessible to new writers at these pitch events? Or are you willing to listen to a pitch if a writer queried you or cold called you?

      Is it necessary for a writer to PAY in order to meet with you?<

      Oh, Hell, I'm known as anywhere, anytime. But the fact is, the guy I work with is an up and coming producer, not an established heavy hitter, so how would these folks be able to find us? I go to the pitch events because I can (hopefully) meet with writers who might have some talent and some ambition and might someday turn out a decent script.

      I've even bought lunch for writers!

      If you consider a small cup of coffee nutritional, that is.


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        Re: Scriptwriters Showcase in April?

        SB - Yeah, my point was that most of the scripts being pitched are not very well written, and the writers would be better off doing the educational side of the event and learning how to improve their writing.

        Suz - What happened is - Shane Black couldn't make it to teh screening of KKBB, and the event organizers scrambled to find a replacement. (I was in the room - and for a scary half hour, I was the replacement). Then they got hold of Robert Downey jr, who showed up to do Q&A after the film. It was pretty cool - he actually sat in the back row watching the movie.

        - Bill
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          Re: Scriptwriters Showcase in April?

          Originally posted by creativexec
          I do free pitch events throughout town every so often. It's a group session, however. Regardless, you could come and sit in anonymously and listen to pitches. And if you heard something you liked, you could solicit it there. Everyone makes out.

          If I may ask a personal question....

          If your company found a script it really liked via a pay-to-pitch fest, would it have the cash to buy it? If it optioned the script, what sort of option would we be talking about?

          Hey, I'd love to sit in on one or more of these groups. In answer to your question, we don't have development money, though that may change in the next few months. The four movies we're doing right now are all being financed independently, by Odd Lot. The last movie we did was also done with independent financing, with Bob Yari.

          If there was something we were interested in we would attach ourselves and try to set it up. Yes, I know it's not a great situation for a writer to give up an option for no money, but Dave is a talented producer with a fair number of contacts in the studio and Independent financing worlds, and he works like a bulldog to push projects, so I think that makes up for some of it.

          So, if you'd like to have someone else sitting in on your pitch sessions, I'd love to.