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  • Austin, who's in?

    I got an email reminder about AFF's contest. It's also being discussed at The Writers Building which is actually what reminded me to print off my script and enter it. I like the new Burnt Orange prize b/c it'll give another person recognition AND the chance at being produced. (okay, so I hope that *I'm* the winner of that one so my script can be produced.

    Anyway, for those of you who don't know: The Burnt Orange Award is being given in conjunction with Burnt Orange Productions. It's for a script that can be *filmed* in Texas, but it doesn't have to be set in Texas. Although my script is set in Houston, if it had been set in another city, it still would work in Texas.

    There's also a horror/sci-fi/fantasy category, but I don't write those. I still think it's cool that they added that branch for those who do.

    Who else is entering or has entered?


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    I was thinking of entering. I entered a script, back in 2002, and was a "second rounder" (among many). I went to the festival and had a blast. I drove from San Diego to Austin and back, and it was a great road trip.

    Much fun.


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      I moved out to LA last August but bought my plane ticket in July so I'd be sure not to miss it. I'm already watching the Southwest fares so I can buy my ticket. Southwest now has this downloadable notification thing called DING. Today there were fares from Burbank to Houston for $93.00 but the dates only went until August. I'm hoping for something close to that to Austin.



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        Woo-Hoo! Bill Martell's going!

        I'm excited about this new addition to the list of panelists. Bill is fun and funny.



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          Re: Woo-Hoo! Bill Martell's going!

          Yeah, it's really a fun time. I got to talk with Shane Black, and Randall Wallace, and get advice from them and other really great people.

          Totally worth it. Very energizing.


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            Re: Woo-Hoo! Bill Martell's going!

            i'm entering a film noir.

            i'm pretty excited about burnt orange productions jumping on the bandwagon this year. i think it's just an added bonus.


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              Re Still more news

              I found out that movie critic, Joe Bob Briggs is going to be a finalist judge for their Sci-Fi Award. It's pretty cool to think he's going to be reading some lucky people's scripts.



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                Re: Re Still more news

                I went ahead and entered.


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                  i entered. i'm winning it.



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                      Registration prices

                      Below are the prices for 2005 Austin Film Festival registration:

                      More info can be found at

                      There are 2 main types of badges:
                      1. Regular Conference Badge
                        includes Panels, Exhibit Hall, Meet & Greets, WGAE Lunch, and Closing Wrap Party October 20-23. Also includes Festival Films October 20-27.
                      2. Producer's Badge
                        our all-access pass which includes the above AND the Opening Night Premiere, The Filmmmaker's Happy Hour, The Closing Night Premiere and More.
                      Save over $100 by registering early.

                      $325.00Regular Badge postmarked before May 16 350.00Regular Badge postmarked before September 16
                      $550.00Producer's Badge (All-Access Industry Pass) postmarked before May 16
                      $585.00Producer's Badge (All-Access Industry Pass) postmarked before September 16
                      $195.00Student Registration
                      $225.00Weekend Badge (Sat. & Sun. panels only plus all films and Conference Wrap Party). No discounts apply.
                      $275.00Teachers receive a discount off any Conference Registration (must attach proof of full time employment at an accredited school, university or college) or fax to 512-478-6205.
                      $455.00Teachers receive a discount off Producer's Pass (All-Access Industry Pass) (must attach proof of full time employment at an accredited school, university or college or fax to 512-478-6205)http:


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                        and some final notes

                        Ahem, first of all, they don't pay me to do this.

                        Second, for any of you wondering, I've asked about sites like this getting discounts but b/c they can't verify 'membership' it doesn't really count as a group. That's not to say I don't think Will shouldn't ask, but I've been down that road. TWB is a bonafide membership group, hence the discounts.

                        Some panelists who are confirmed but don't show up on the website yet:

                        Heather Hale (if you live in LA, you know her from Flash Forward or

                        Bill Martell, the one and only

                        Shane Black is going again, too, I think.



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                          okay, i'm printing out a script and digging in a box (we moved) for those damn brads.
                          first thing tomorrow morning -- this script is austin bound.


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                            I'm In

                            I have a teleplay and am debating sending a script also.

                            And if I could give my two cents, I'd say get the Producer's pass. Last year I got the Regular pass and it's a damn shame when good looks can't get you in the same doors.
                            They all look to me for help. I'm not gonna be here all my life!--Concerned Customer


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                              I just mailed it in from Raleigh NC this morning.