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    Re: Austin, who's in?

    So what your really saying is that I can stop stalking the postman till Labor day?

    Who plans on going to the festival?

    The Ghost
    "And on the seventh day, the Lord God Screenwriter looked upon the universe he had created and saw that it was perfect, and so he rested."


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      Re: Austin, who's in?

      I couldn't afford to go, unless I win.


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        Re: Austin, who's in?

        Don't count on hearing ANYTHING from Austin. Ever.

        Both of my submissions advanced to the 2nd round last year but I never heard a word from them. After numerous phone calls to learn the fate of my submissions, they finally confirmed by email I had advanced, but despite their promises they would send me something in writing, nothing. And I thought Austin was supposed to be a class act. Tsk tsk.

        But they never fail to bombard me with mass mailers for festival registration, etc.


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          Re: Austin, who's in?

          Dear Entrant, We have recently received your entry/entries in the Drama Teleplay Competition. I want to personally thank you for being part of our 2005 Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition.

          Contests are very subjective. No matter where your entry stands in our competition, I congratulate you for putting forth the time and effort into creating a world of characters and conversations. Our judging should be completed by early September. Our goal is to have all letters sent out by US Mail after the Labor Day holiday. This letter will let you know if your script advanced to the Second Round or if it is a Semifinalist.

          All Semifinalist scripts will be sent to production companies for Finalist judging. Last year, we had representatives from Lightstorm Entertainment, Winkler Films, Saturn Films, Focus Features and many more.

          Please do not respond to this email unless you have new contact information to provide.

          I thank you again, and best of luck in our competition.


          Dawn Wiercinski Screenplay/Teleplay Competition Director
          email: [email protected]
          phone: 800-310-FEST(3378)