Some 2004 Nicholl comp notes



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    Re: Has any qfinalist heard anything?

    Nothing yet in New York.


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        Got my semi congrats today... talk about down to the wire!


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          Woo-hoo! Great news! Congratulations!


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            Got my "I knew Semi Finalist, and you, sir, are no semifinalist" letter today. Heave, sigh.

            EDIT: Jesus, where are my manners: Huge congrats MWer! Rock on.


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              As for me I still haven't heard yet


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                I made it!!!! I'm a Nicholl Semifinalist... Getting scary...


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                  Congratulations MW & y2, and can you please shake some of that contest-winner cyberdust onto us lowly Austin entrants?


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                    I got double dinked today--made it to the second round, but no further, in Austin, and did not advance to semis in Nicholl. Oh, well. Better luck next time!


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                      That's the spirit!!! I keep saying the same thing to myself. :lol :lol :lol



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                        Add me to the dink club

                        You can add to the long list of 'disappointed' people out there.

                        Heard back from the Nicholl today -- neither of my two quarterfinalist scripts made the semi-final cut.

                        Still, two in the top 323 out of 6000 or so is a decent first effort. This is the first time I've entered a major contest, and to have two QFs from four entered scripts (and another in the top 10%) gives me great confidence as a writer. Somebody out there liked my stuff. Now if only I could find a producer who does.

                        I have to say the Nicholls show far more professionalism than any other contest I've entered. They stuck to their deadlines (not easy to do with so many entries), sent letters to all the applicants, and even took the trouble to add notes on some of the regrets letters. A class act all round.

                        Best of luck to those who made the semis.

                        Andy P.

                        PS. Nicholl letters have now reached suburban Washington, DC - for those who are still waiting


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                          >>That's the spirit!!! I keep saying the same thing to myself.

                          Thanks, John.

                          It's still a bit discouraging, though. I've been at this almost 19 years, have a USC filmmaking MFA, 15 years as a story analyst and script consultant (still do the consulting occasionally, but escaped L. A. Hell six years ago), and still can't get that one real break I need. Was hoping to advance a little farther in the big contests than I did.

                          But then again, I'm still waiting on a half-dozen other contests, and the results I've gotten thus far on this one particular screenplay will make for some decent resume enhancement. So I can't say this was all for nothing, because I have gotten something useful out of it!