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  • BlueCat

    Anyone have experience with this one? I'm thinking of entering just for the feedback.

    Or are there better contests that offer feedback?

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    I like the contest. I received a thoughtful review, kind in every sense of the word but right on in the criticism.

    Cheap, for what I got in return.

    I recommend it highly.

    My only criticism would be: it would be nice to have a lists of semi finalists or quarter finalists but you do get your score, for what that is worth.


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      This one is very much worth it, for the feedback, and incidentally the prizes ain't nothin' to sneeze at either.

      The feedback I received last year was golden. It's detailed, about a full page or more. And then there are five or six categories in which you receive a number score of from one to six.

      I wish all contests would do this one thing! It can be disheartening to not advance in any contest, but if you knew some elements were working (and which ones) you can spend some time sharpening up the ones that aren't.


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        FYI, for a smaller contest, the connections are real. The founder does have credits and won the screenwriting award at Sundance.


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          Blue Cat

          The founder is also the brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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            Re: Blue Cat

            What's with the "Women finalists" thing?

            Men are free to enter, they just don't get the staged reading if they advance to the finals?

            Grated, as a white male I'm not exactly underrepresented in the entertainment industry. And I've got no problem with "women only", "minorities only", "residents of Utah only" contests. But I think this is the first - one prize for one set of finalists and a lesser prize for another set of finalists - contest I've ever run across.


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              Re: Blue Cat

              I entered a few years ago specifically for the feedback and found it a waste of time and $.
              At that time, they gave you the choice of an e-mail or phone call critique, and I chose the former, figuring I'd get more detail.
              I entered two scripts and got a total of 1 page combined in feedback, much of which was summary of the scripts.
              Maybe its gotten better in the past couple of years, who knows, but I wouldn't enter again.