SlamDance TV Rules Page?? - Pro Writer Semi-finalists?



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  • SlamDance TV Rules Page?? - Pro Writer Semi-finalists?

    Does anyone have a copy or remember the rules for the Slamdance TV contest? The semi-finalists went up on their website today and at least a few of the people have worked professionally on shows like Wanda at Large and Murphy Brown.

    I was under the impression that the contest was for unproduced, undiscovered talent. Maybe I'm wrong, but I quote...

    The Teleplay Competition is aimed at finding the best original one-hour dramas, mini-series and half-hour comedies written by undiscovered talent.
    I don't know what the exact wording of their rules were. I'm a little annoyed to be, whatever.


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    I know it's retarded.

    All of them are in business already.

    Pretty much all of them are on IMDB with huge list of credits.

    People who have written for Murphy Brown, JAG, Girlfriends, Wanda at Large, etc etc.

    I think only like 2 or 3 people aren't "established". The rest are.

    I guess Slamdance will find some stupid loop hole to allow these "produced/established" writers to get in. I guess since Reality TV took over these sit com writers are out of work. So they are taking a shot at a contest too.

    It's a shame that 95% of the semi finalists are produced, especially when the rules stated they were looking for new writers.

    Oh well. What can we do?


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      Actually maybe you should email them and demand a refund of your entry fee.

      What was the point of spending $40 bucks when they don't follow their own rules. I guess that's all you could complain about.


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        Ask for my $40 back?

        I don't know. That's why I would really like to see the rules page again.

        Maybe it didn't disqualify pro-writers? If it didn't, then I guess I'm out forty bucks and I should read more carefully.

        I hate sounding like a sour grape guy. I've lost many a contest. It's really not a big deal, but when I was looking up some names on IMDB just for the heck of it, I was shocked.


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          All entrants must sign the grand prize release form.
          Teleplays previously optioned, purchased or produced are ineligible.
          Teleplays that have won over $500 from other competitions are ineligible.
          Teleplays must be in English.
          Teleplays must be in standard television industry format and properly bound: three-hole punched fastened with brass brads.
          In the event of multiple writers, awards will be divided equally. One writer should be designated as the prime contact.
          Slamdance is not responsible for teleplays or coverage lost in transi
          I guess I'm out forty guess I just kind of assume that these contests are for TRULY undiscoverd talent, because most of them are and state that clearly in their rules. This one wasn't. Oh well.

          Based on the semi-finalists, I am definetly going to change the name of my script to the name of a really popular song. That seems to help a lot.



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            I'm sorry you're out on 40 bucks.

            But I heard slamdance gives you coverage or something. So maybe the feedback will help you.

            Good luck though.